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: Huehuetenango

Brief description of Huehuetenango

The department of Huehuetenango is situated 276 kilometers from the capital city of Guatemala; it is located on the centre-western corner of Guatemala, facing Mexico. The fluvial system is much expanded, containing sources of big watersheds like the Usumacinta and the Grijalba. According to the present climatic variations, abundance of tropical cultivation like coffee, sugar cane, cocoa or banana are present. On the one hand, proper cultivation of warm environments like cereals, mainly wheat and corn, orange trees or tobacco are also present. Cattle is characterized by cattle and horse breeding, along with forest exploitation for getting wood, and along with diverse silver, copper, iron and salt mining. Its main city is Huehuetenango, its capital. Huehuetenango’s surface is 7,400 km²; its population in 2002 was of 846,544 inhabitants.
Its territory coincides with the so-called sedimentary highlands, where the massif of Altos Cuchumatanes or Sierra de los Cuchumatanes stands out, a prominent East-West direction mountain range situated in western Guatemala, which crosses the southern sector of Huehuetenango and the center of Quiché. It is about 400 kilometres in length, and it is delimited by longitudinal step faults and dips. The prevailing lithology is that of sedimentary rocks that have been placed since the Carboniferous period and folded during the Miocene period. The presence of volcanic materials from the Tertiary period has showed, many times stratified under recent volcanic remainders from the Quaternary period. Its peak reaches 3,700 meters in height. The combination of height and the existent precipitations on each bioclimatic floor originate vegetation gradation from bottom thick tropical forest to top high fields.

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